Party Time Society - Our label, our friends, our home.

Omar Thabit Pasha - A truly incredible artist, longtime friend, and lifetime collaborator.  The man responsible for the Subatomica logo as well!  Hit him up for your next project!

Sam Lambie Photography - Vivid colors, deep soul, impeccable eye.  Sam is the man responsible for all of our photography on the site as well...check him out right meow!

Dominic Tinio aka DA - Master of Playa Restoration for Burning Man, and an incredible artist who did the cover of our first release 'Cloud Shadows'

Mr Jennings - One of our nearest and dearest friends, and an incredible DJ and Producer.  Not too mention, he's the very first person to do a remix for us!  

Searchl1te - Dirty, dubby, dark BASS-ment music that rattles your soul!

Jeekoos - Windy City madman of muzik!

Akasha - RVA bass hunter!

Dubvirus - West coast Lazer Bass aficionado.

Concious Kalling - New Mexico audio shaman and master of the 4am weird!

Sattva Ananda - a dear friend, collaborator, and designer of psychedelic bass inspired by the high desert.

Research & Development - Experimental EDM from the City of Brotherly Love

Art Of Flying - Legendary psychedelic folk from Taos, NM...and the owners of that lovely analog studio you see in the website pics!

MC Zulu - Does this man really need an introduction?

WALA - Bass goddess!