Dear friends,

Thank you infinitely for the patience you've had with us.  We've been hard at work for almost a year, and now....over the next several months, we're going to unleash a slew of releases for your eardrums.  Some that we're responsible for, and some, like this one, that are because someone else made the magic happen and just asked us to come along for the ride.

We start with one that is near and dear to us.  Not only is Dubvirus a good friend, and one of the producers who remixed 'Cloud Shadows' (which you'll hear soon enough)...but this song in particular came to us at a time when we needed a seriously powerful cathartic experience in our lives.  We had just lost a loved one, and had a heavy reality check on the fragile and fleeting nature of life.

We hope you enjoy this, it's definitely baring our entire hearts and souls out there for you to see.  Maybe it will find you comfort?  Maybe you'll just like the heavy bass and snappy snare drums...either way, thank you for your patience and believing in us.

Original here - Dubvirusmusic – Spiral-animals-part-ii

From the "Spiral Animals Remix LP", coming out on Muti Records on 6/23/2014

Hear samples of all the amazing remixes from this project here - Dubvirusmusic – Spiral-animals-remixed-promo-mix

Mastered by Nick Moon at Tone Proper