Friends, family, loved ones, subatomic particles, and those we have yet to meet….

First and foremost, thank you for your patience.  This has been a long time coming, and a dream realized.  Last September we decided to put a song that we had written up on Soundcloud just to see what would happen.  Test the waters if you will.  In the course of 2 weeks, we had over 2k plays with zero promotion over half of which came from outside of the USA.  We were blown away, excited, humbled, a little scared, yet all in all we knew we were onto something.  We told a story with our music, one that was worth listening to.

So, we reached out to some friends of ours and asked them if they’d be interested in remixing this song.  We received an overwhelming ‘yes’, and now….9 months later, we are just about ready to launch our first release to the world.  "Cloud Shadows", with 10 remixers different takes on the original song, will be unleashed to the world through all major online music retailers on August 4'th, 2014.

‘Cloud Shadows’ has proven to be a journey unto itself.  Besides the inherent tale told in the music, it’s been a journey filled with friends (the remixers) who have made this trip even more delightful and satisfying.  Those friends will all be exposed over the coming weeks in a series of blog posts dedicated to each individual remixer, how we know them, and a tease of their remix.  Every one of these guys are friends, and every single one of them we know not only because of our involvement with music, but more importantly from our involvement in a larger community that we’ve both been a part of for a long time….one that gathers at the end of every summer in the vacant heart of the wild west.

After an amazing trip to Chicago last Thanksgiving where Kanizzle performed at the legendary Freakeasy (Thanks Radiohiro!!!), we had a moment of clarity after seeing the person that would become our cover artist.  We thought that the only appropriate person to bring on board as the designer of the cover art of our first release should not only be a part of that community, but maybe...just maybe, if he said yes and liked the should be the man who is responsible for most of the ‘official’ images of this community and it’s primary gathering.  Yes, we are being purposefully vague here about this ‘community’, primarily because we want to protect it, and not exploit it.  Let us just say though, that this thing we speak of is the tie that binds for everyone involved in this project.  It is something we’ve all given a great part of our lives to, and owe an infinite number of friendships to.  And it is something which both of us can say has not only saved our lives in some ways, but enriched it in ways we could never have imagined.

How we brought this designer on?  An existing friendship, and a story.  A story about a girl, and her journey down the rabbit hole and back again.  A story of survival, hope, struggle, patience, slim chances, and light at the end of the tunnel.  

May we please introduce to you, the cover art for our first release, ‘Cloud Shadows’.  

Crafted out of patience and love, by our dear friend DA, aka Dominic Tinio.  

Please check out more of his amazing work at

Thank you DA, for being beautiful and for sharing your unbridled talent.