Once upon a time, two musicians took a trip down a rabbit hole located in the basement of an 80 year old Adobe in the middle of the Taos, New Mexico high desert.  What came back with them to the surface was their first Subatomica creation:  Cloud Shadows.  Cloud Shadows became the auditory map and journey back down the rabbit hole, taking a plethora of listeners down with them.  This incredible showing of support enticed them to reach out to some of their nearest and dearest friends, who also happen to be incredible producers themselves, to remix the track.  A borage of genres from the who’s who of the underground bass community from zouk bass, to dubstep, to grime, to twerk, to glitch hop, to tripped out desert psychedelia, to 4am psychedelic peyote journeys rounding it out. Fast forward 10 months later (oh has it been a journey) and we are proud to announce the official release by label Party Time Society, of the Cloud Shadows Remix LP!  Exclusively on Beatport from July 21st through August 4th followed by distribution though all major digital outlets via InGrooves.

The original trip-hop-ish track features live tabla courtesy of v:shal kanwar, one of the late Cheb I Sabbah’s understudies, recorded by the Bengali-Producer/MC phenom Brooklyn Shanti.  A tale of two worlds, ‘Cloud Shadows’ takes the listener on a moody journey through a dark wonderland, with Alice and the Cheshire as your guide to secret  worlds unknown.  This is just a first glimpse into the magic that is Subatomica. Won’t you join us down the rabbit hole?

Tracklisting – 

Cloud Shadows feat v:shal kanwar
Cloud Shadows (Akasha Remix)
Cloud Shadows (Conscious Kalling Remix)
Cloud Shadows (Dubvirus Remix)
Cloud Shadows (Jeekoos Retwerk)
Cloud Shadows (Kanizzle’s Lost In The Zouk Remix)
Cloud Shadows (Mr Jennings Remix)
Cloud Shadows (Research & Development Remix)
Cloud Shadows (Sattva Ananda Remix)
Cloud Shadows (Searchl1te Remix)
Cloud Shadows (Sequoia’s Peyote Ghost Dream Remix)