We love people expressing themselves.  We love inspiring others, and being inspired.  We love flow arts.  We love Drex.  No, really....this guy is one of our best friends on the planet.  Before we knew each other, we both were VERY close with Drex.  Jex and Drex are best friends from the flow community and basically long lost siblings from another planet.  Josh and Drex have caused more Mischief in the world together over the course of a few years than most entire college campuses do over a decade.  

If you're in the flow community, you know who this guy is.  He's one of the best there ever was, is, and will be.  A teacher, innovator, world class performer, and all around class act.  If you've been paying attention, over at his DrexFactor site, Drex has used many a Subatomica track in his videos....including his latest annual MLK Vid filmed in DC.  Which, in his description, says - "This year I return to spin in Dupont Circle with a lot of throws, antibrids, poi dance, and some one-handed work. Really, this is just me rocking out to a song I happen to love--my friends in Subatomica's remix of "Stolen Dance" by Milky Chance. Enjoy! :)"