illustrative disaster

another poem

another dream

another fairy tale stuck in between

have i listened to enough hip-hop to make my body rock to make my fears drop to make the culture stop

judging me through a scene

does it matter how i state?

how my words articulate?

a lyrical tragedy; gunned down for a pen

religious fanatical – a violence fantastical

we want this to stop, but when?

but how?

 how does how become now?

put my drawing on the fridge mom?

i made it just for you, just for me, perhaps for the whole wide world to see?

cartoons are for kids.  they won’t cause us harm...

 right mom?

it came straight from my mind – from my eyes

why does my freedom make you cry?

cries of battle! cries of a nation!

translation, interpretation,

fear filled fascination


freedom of speech – but talk is cheap

slip back into the prosaic

 fuck it, fake it

drugged up numb lethargic

borderline online catatonic

sketch your landscapes and your flowers

forget that you have the power

to change . this . reality

Come down, wake up, sober now

 fuck your social media high

free to live – free to speak – free to die

your freedom must never be denied

did you not get the memo?

did i harsh your mello?

break open your head.

fear. is. dead.

reality is perception

this moment is your inception

actions speak the same as words

be the change you want to see –

fuck following the herd.



It's the jawline....

"It's the jawline" he said…and then reached out to touch it.

A touch which seemed to be waiting a million years or more.

A suggestion to forever, with a looming suspicion of the now

But, what is forever?  

"Sometimes, just one second" said the white rabbit…

Yes, in that one second, forever stood still

Frozen in time, 

Endless possibilities seen in the spark of one caress

A story they both craved, yet were unsure how to write

Their own visions of eternity had been shattered,

and along with it, their hearts had been clouded

Reshaping a definition as complex as infinity

within a box as ephemeral as life

can prove to be daunting to those trapped in these mortal shackles of flesh...

The angels never question these things, while us humans have chosen to push them away at will….

Yet in the court of love, the unconditional and eternal laws of truth always prevail, 

yet only if we choose to rip these fabrics of fallacy away from our eyes….

"It's the jawline" he said for the 100'th time, and then reached out to touch it….

a touch which seemed to last a million years or more…

a touch which had become their forever…

a touch which brought her comfort, and reminded them both why they chose love a year before...

spiraling into infinity….together…..and redefining forever…through just one touch.

- Kanizzle